Nomad - Carabiner Clip (Micro USB)

-Always there when you need it
Carabiners have a thousand uses. NomadClip has a thousand and one. With a hidden USB cable, it’s the only carabiner clip that can also charge your phone.

- A perfect fit for your phone
Nomad believe everyone should have a NomadClip, so Nomad built them for everyone. Choose from a Lightning cable or Micro USB cable--whether you’re charging a tablet or smartphone, there’s a NomadClip that will work for you.

- Smart and strong
Carabiners need to be able to handle just about anything. Nomad made NomadClip with an engineering-grade polycarbonate from Bayer and high grade steel because Nomad know that durability matters. Nomad also use scratch-resistant metals on the contacts so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of caps.

- Charge and Sync All of Your Devices
Nomad believe everyone should have a Carabiner, so Nomad have designed it from the ground up to work with any mobile device. Whether you use Android, Apple, Windows Phone, or Blackberry, Nomad have you covered. The version for the iPhone is certified by Apple to be fully compatible and safe to use with all their devices.